Swedish Ice Scraper

Swedish Ice Scraper

Swedish Ice Scraper® is available in 5 or 6 mm and three sizes

We sometimes get the question from our customers of how to choose thickness and size, so below a few words to help (see also more info for each model).

Both 5 and 6 mm thickness work well in all temperature zones. However the thicker, and a little bit heavier, 6 mm model offers better stability in the scraping movements = more power to remove hard ice (mostly chosen by people living in northern districts or at high altitude). 5 mm is our best sold allround model suitable for all purposes and offers a little bit better ”flexibility” on curved carglasses.


The Original size cover larger areas when scraping but on the downside more bulky inside your compartment. Midsize fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and with the compact size it is more easy to operate on smaller areas and in tight corners. The Mini2 is only available in 6 mm and with its limited size more the choice for city environments or smaller cars.

To summerize; all models are good ice scrapers and as the differences is not very big we normally say that the choice is down to how harsch winters you have around and your personal taste for size, colors and handwarmers.

Clean-scrape your car windows with the Swedish Ice Scraper®

Every Swedish Ice Scraper is laser-cut from a thick, solid plate of mat finished Acrylic glass and the edges are sharpened by diamond polishing (attention; the blades can be very sharp when ice scraper is new). A generous thickness (self-weight), sharp edges and a plough shaped blade contributes to efficient scraping power including easy access to narrow corners. The ergonomic design features also a central hole for quick finger grip.

The plough shaped upper side is perfect for FROST or easy ice, while the straight side at the bottom is recommended to be used -if necessary with both hands- on firm ICE (the right side can be a spare blade). You can also remove snow and ice from the windshield WIPERS by carefully pulling the specially designed slot along with the rubber blades.

Use straight forward horizontal movements following the radiuses of the window for maximal contact surface, while vertical movements are normally more effective on side windows. Remove any snow and ice from the scraper now and then to make it more effective. Minimize the risk for scratches by using firm movements, don’t “scrub”, and watch out for dirt or grains of sand to mix with the snow and ice.

N o t e ! Scraping on plastic material can cause scratches

Use this ice scraper on hardened glass only. Our ice scrapers are tooled from Acrylic Glass (Polymethyl Methacrylate also known as Plexiglas) which is an optimal plastic material for effective scraping on hardened car glass, standard in automotive production today. However there can be exceptions and windows made of plastic materials are softer than tempered glass why scratches can occur from scraping.

If you are not sure which material your car windows are made of check with the manufacturer (we recommend rubber blades or “liquid ice removal” for plastic windows). Also avoid use of ice scraper on headlight lenses made of plastic.

Sharpen the blades - give your ice scraper new life

Acrylic Glass admits itself to be reworked so if your Swedish Ice Scraper loses some of its “edge” after years of use, you can give it new life by re-polishing the scraping edges. Ask a local mechanical workshop or a skate sharpening service point if they can offer diamond polishing.